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This one had hydrolics

This one had hydrolics

I is:

A pre-med student. A nurse. A non-traditional medical school applicant. An ex-Marine Corps medic. A poor Catholic. A research coordinator for Oncology trials. An ex-cardiology research coordinator. Now I do housecalls. A guy who took care of a 12-year old kid who was a vegetable, and then gave up a year later for moral reasons. Funny. Stupid. A loner who just left a good relationship to follow his dream. An ambitious dreamer. A walking contradiction. Flirt. Charmer. Immature, with anger issues. Attention whore. Disciplined. Careless. Lazy. Forgetful. A guy who constantly eats out because there’s no food in the fridge. Surfed the heaviest wave in Tahiti and almost died. Snowboards in Utah. Traveled to Paris twice, the first time he went alone, the second time his lover left him to go to the Eiffel Tower while he waited at the hotel. Told nursing mothers in East Timor that the reason their back hurt was because they were “carrying too many babies” and then proceeded to shower Motrin at them. Had friends in the military send him to see a hooker in Thailand which–when left alone with the hooker–proceeded to braid her hair and talk to her about her “career choices.” Had a girlfriend for a week in Thailand who, incidentally, was not a hooker and waited all day at the pier to give him a bouquet of roses before disappearing out of her life. Longest relationship=1.5 years, with a guy. Finished boot camp. Served six years in the military. Lived in the Philippines until he was seven years old and illegally emigrated to United States. Served as a foreman in a jury at a sexual abuse trial. Bought a house at 25, so his parents can live in it. Stayed in the house alone overnight after it had just burned down, two days after Christmas, 2006. Trained at Johns Hopkins. Recently learned to play Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” on the guitar. Successfully inserted an IV catheter into a heatstroke Marine in the desert while simultaneously staving off a baby rattlesnake with his right foot. Failed miserably at teaching a smoking-cessation class. Lost his family’s airplane tickets when trying to jump from island to island in Hawaii. Slept in an over-the-water bungalow with a glass coffee-table so he could see the fish swim by in Bora Bora. Ate salt-water taffy in Catalina Island. Surfed alone at night when he had a bad day. Slept in his car at the UCLA parking lot for three months in order to save commuting time and be able to study for his midterms and finals, while being prepared for work. Developed a small, secret crush on a sleeping patient while giving him a bath in a Palm Springs hospital. Had a hard time stuffing a large patient in a body bag after watching him die in front of his two daughters. ((More to come…))


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