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What Vte Means for LTV1150 Vents

Posted on: April 8, 2011

LTV ventilators are the newer models for patients who are dependent on vent machines to assist with breathing. They have digital settings, instead of knobs. They are also more compact, but patients who have been vent dependent for a while oftentimes stick with the older, more dependable models.


The LTV1150 is a newer, more compact ventilator since 2011

Vte should be as close to the prescribed amount. For example, if tidal volume setting is on 550mL, you’ll rarely get that same amount back, but if it starts to lower to around 400, then ask patient if he wants more in his cuff. Reaching at exactly 550mL means there is a complete seal formed by the cuff and you don’t want that either cause that will cause necrosis of the vocal chords.

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