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5 Conversations for your Straight Friends

Posted on: March 31, 2010

When I see a straight friend that, for some reason, I’m not completely comfortable with but really enjoy his company, I quickly think about safe friend-appropriate topics like:

1. LOOK AT THIS – this method involves bringing some kind of prop to show your friend so he can check out some techno gadget that has been affecting your life and may somehow affect his for the better or worse.

2. RECALL – bringing back a semi-fresh joke from the past day always helps to keep things light because it helps your friend remember how much fun you have together

3. WORK – guys absolutely love to talk about work. Who did great, who messed up, and how their skills compare to everyone else’s. Just be careful about criticism, straight guys have a lot of pride

4.  GIRL PROBLEMS – this one’s tricky. They may see you more as a girl than a guy, so it wouldn’t help them if you were more effeminate. But then again, you never know. Most guys can’t talk to their buddies about it especially if it involves anything other than sex since intimacy is too sensitive of a subject for them to talk about with real guys. So you might be just the ticket. Just be sure to quietly listen and avoid giving advice unless asked for it.

5.  POKING FUN – this one’s an advanced skill, too. You must be absolutely sure that your straight buddy is okay with your gayness, and with his masculinity. The best way to bond with guys is by poking fun at them or “busting their balls,” but you have to watch their reactions closely. If you make fun of their straightness, or bring to light how gay you are/can be, and their faces freezes for a quick second and (very important) they don’t smile or laugh quickly afterwards, then you went too far.


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