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Posted on: February 10, 2010

Please note:  I am not a physician so nothing in this blog should be construed as medical advice. Everything here is purely for entertainment purposes only. Go make an appointment with your doctor if you’re really concerned.

I have been plagued by a stye in my right eye for the past five years. It usually came when I was stressed from life or lazy about washing my hands. It made me feel very self-conscious especially when people wouldn’t mention that I had a growing stye but I could see it in their faces that they were appalled–or at least curious.

Oh well. There are some things I’ve learned after a few years of stubbornness:

  • even though they remind you of pimples (except that they’re in your eyelid), be careful about trying to physically pop them. It could aggravate your sensitive eyelids and actually encourage the presence of a stye. Note: just because your eyelids are sensitive, doesn’t mean you are. So stop trying to pop it when it’s not even ready to be popped, tough guy
  • baby wipes are the perfect tool. You can clean out the gunk from your eye and then throw it away. Don’t forget to wash your hands. A lot.
  • anti-inflammatory medications sometimes helps
  • wetting a small towel halfway, putting it in the microwave for 30 seconds and then, this is important, waiting for the towel to cool just a little bit before shoving it in your eye will help heal it faster. Although styes don’t usually go away until after at least four days. Scalding your eye is not what you want to do
  • buy some really cool sunglasses. It will make you feel better.

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