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Foley Catheter Insertion

Posted on: April 24, 2009

Note:  This is not medical advice and is meant for entertainment purposes only.

Foley cath insertion is usually an easy event. It’s trickiest when the patient is new, since I’m not familiar with the length of the urethra–especially in males. The best way for me to determine this is to carefully look at the previous catheter and see where the fading occurs. It’s a nice way to see how far the previous catheter was inserted.

One thing’s for sure, do NOT inflate the balloon unless you have urinary return. You might push on the urethra walls, which is quite painful (look at your patient’s face). It will also help if your patient already has a full bladder. I’ve yet to determine the best technique to approace patients on Foley that have a large prostate.

The following picture is the amount of blood incurred by a misplaced cath. Please ensure that the cath is COMPLETELY inside the bladder.

From Nursing Pics

Note: see NEXT POST to find out how to remedy this situation.


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