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Eloxatin Update

Posted on: July 13, 2007

One of our oncologists has expressed concerns regarding Oxaliplatin in conjunction with Calcium and Magnesium infusion.Some raw data from the high enrolling CONCEPT trial shows that infusing the two elements with Oxiplatin actually decreased its efficacy. More specifically, the trial randomized subjects into two arms: One arm with Oxiplatin & the infusions, the other arm without the infusions. It was expected that Ca & Mg would facilitate absorption/efficacy when infused in a patient taking Eloxatin but it actually only showed a 17% response rate compared to the 32% demonstrated by the control group. Study was stopped on June 15,and not every oncologist is aware of this phenomenon because the data is so new or the drug company is reluctant to pass it out. Nevertheless, our chief oncologist has called for a revision of clinical standards.


(I don’t really know how this applies to me, the lowly pre-med student acting as a research coordinator. But I figured maybe I might as well keep notes so I can refer to it later and say, “Wow, I’m really glad I wrote that note about Oxaliplatin because now I see that it really doesn’t affect me or the medical community.”)


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